Assessment in Math

Provincial Common Math Assessments

The provincial common math assessments can be accessed through BlackBoard. Sign in to your Blackboard account using your first.last name. The password is monthday of your birthday. The assessments can be found under the "Teaching Resources" tab. Link to the BlackBoard sign in page:

Explanation of the Common Math Assessment Rubric as Compared to the SWSD Rubric:

The Common Math Assessment rubric is a four-point rubric that aligns with the provincial practices and is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. To make it compatible with the SWSD 5-point rubric, we would like to suggest that the levels 1-4 on the math assessments rubric compare to the levels 2-5 on the SWSD rubric. Our SWSD level 1 would indicate that intensive intervention is required, which is below the level 1 on the math assessment rubric. See the attached file for a detailed comparison of the two rubrics.

NEW! Learning Progressions for Kindergarten - Grade 9

Progression of Outcomes for Place Value

Progression of Outcomes for Patterns and Relations

Progression of Outcomes for Fractions

Connections to Michael Battista's (2012) Learning Continuum

Learning Continuum for Place Value

Learning Continuum for Addition and Subtraction

Learning Continuum for Multiplication and Division

Learning Continuum for Fractions