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Year and Unit Planning Supports

Nelson Foundations of Mathematics - Materials Needed *

graphing calculator
dynamic geometry software
spreadsheet software
dice simulator (available on Web)
graph paper
grid paper (cm)
coloured pencils
pattern blocks
linking cubes
rectangular blocks
two-colour counters (could also use coins)
paper clips

Math Pathways Information

Assessment for Learning in Mathematics - article by Murray Guest

Assessment Supports

A school assessment policy for Math, shared by Christa Kurtz, Estevan Comprehensive School. August, 2011

Below are a number of assessment resources from Natalie (Talie) Chupik at BCS2000 - "Please note that the final is based on units 1-6. I did not do unit 7 because my whole group did Pre Calc 20 in Semester 2 and I did not include Ch 8 on the final because I had just assessed them on that chapter before the final. You need to have the Exam Generator program in order to open it. I can send you a paper copy if you would like."

Resources Shared at the SWTA Convention, August, 2011

Shared by Christa Kurtz, Teacher - Math/Science at Estevan Comprehensive School, August, 2011

High School Math Blog - Here is a math blog by teacher, Krista Hayes, in Saskatoon Catholic school Division. She shares a Math Foundations 20 Historical event/interest project with some ideas, guidelines and a rubric (in progress). If you like what you see, be sure to send Krista an email!!