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ROVER (Recommended Online Video Education Resources) is the video streaming site for Saskatchewan teachers and students in the PreK-12 education system. It is managed and maintained by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.


Grade 4 Math Websites

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SMART Board Activities

Grade 4 "I Can ..." Statements:

Grade 4 Correlations - Math Makes Sense to Sask. Outcomes:

Grade 4 Math Year Plan

A detailed plan for structuring your Grade 4 Math year. Shared by Kimberley Johnson (Kenaston). Sept. 2011.

Unit Organizers

The following table of contents/self reflection were created and shared by Sonja Gattey (OES), Meaghan Greene (DES), Kimberley Johnson (Kenaston). 2010
Math Makes Sense Unit 1, Patterns and Equations
Math Makes Sense Unit 2, Whole Numbers

Math Makes Sense Unit 3, Multiplication and Division Facts
Math Makes Sense Unit 4, Measurement and Unit 7, Data Analysis
Math Makes Sense Unit 5, Fractions and Decimals
Math Makes Sense Unit 6, Geometry
Math Makes Sense Unit 8, Multiplication and Division,Larger Numbers

Running Records - The following record keeping sheets were created by Michelle Barton (Outlook Elementary School) and feature a running record for each Math Outcome:

Games and Activities: