Teaching Vocabulary (Resource: Math Makes Sense)

Teaching vocabulary is an important and essential part of any math program. Teachers need to model proper language during math lessons and encourage students to
use the same vocabulary. Being able to use correct vocabulary indicates student understanding. Vocabulary rich environments ex: word walls, concept posters also encourage student's to use proper terminology.

· 2 Master lists of words (by grade and alphabetically with grade at which the word first appears indicated)
· Vocabulary list from ProGuide of all words, by unit
· A numbered list of all words for that grade from ProGuide and Illustrated Glossary (3-9)
· Numbered word cards from 1 – 160 – for use with drawing a number to chose words
· Word cards from both the ProGuide and the Illustrated Glossary (3-9) – for use you would prefer to draw the words out of the “fishbowl” instead of a number

Here are the files you need to get started with MMS Vocabulary: