Looking for an alternative to the "traditional" mad minute,

whether you have a SMART Board or not? Check this out:

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Math Can Be Fun! - Part One

(Materials from PD Sessions in August)

Math Journaling with Your Students -

instructions for making a fun math journal

Math Can Be Fun! - Part Two

(Materials from PD Sessions - Sept. 26)

Interactive Web Pages (click to see)

Unpacking Curriculum Support (click to see)

http://mathcentral.uregina.ca/index.php# - from the University of Regina - included FNMI content, careers in math, mathematics resources, etc.

NEW! Summative Assessment: Performance Tasks for various grade levels. Created by Sandra DeDunnen

Prodigy Math Game - https://www.prodigygame.com/Canada/

  • Free, on-line math games
  • Designed for K-9 classes
  • Teacher can set up their class on the site
  • Site will differentiate activities automatically for students
  • Provides real time reporting
  • Provides formative and summative assessments
  • An alternative to Mathletics
  • Thanks to Colette Charpentier at OHS

Check out these great sites for interactive math activities:

Virtual Manipulatives
Topmarks: Interactive Whiteboard Site
Find Lesson Plans for Your SMART Board and Connect with Teachers
Drawing and estimating bearings (angles) on the SMART Board:
Interactive Math Sites for the SMART Board
Magnetic Number Board
Interactive Manipulatives and More (K-5)
Using Virtual Manipulatives on the Web to Develop Number Sense
Interactive Base 10 Blocks: http://www.learningbox.com/Base10/BaseTen.html
A math site with some neat tools for your SmartBoard. It includes tools for: math facts, fractions, line graphs, circle graphs, patterning, integers, angles, tangrams, symmetry: http://www.misterteacher.com/whiteboard/virtual_manipulatives.html